Personal Projects

Fun Shit #1

That odious man (Pres. Trump) has the best words. But the best words are useless if you don’t know how to use them. So we made a website that let the Internet answer questions like Trump would. Visit to try it yourself.

Humans: Upaasna Rajaram, Waner Almedia, Marc Siese
Coder: Rohan Mehta

Fun Shit #2

Brooklyn is home to hipsters and their discarded junk.  Like this typewriter—which we found, fixed and gave a second life to. The New York Type is an artistic project where New Yorkers collaborated to create a one-page story.  Head over to to read more. 

Fantastic Peeps and Where to Find Them: Upaasna Rajaram, Waner Almedia, Saulo Mohana

Fun Shit #3

I like to write. Unfortunately, I write in bits and spurts - some fiction, some non-fiction, and a lot of grumpy bemoaning. Here's a short collection of letters arranged in an interesting fashion. I call it Writer's Bloc. 

Fun Shit #4

I hate Diwali*. Well, I hate fireworks in particular. It’s loud, pollutes and are made by children in the small Indian village of Sivakasi. In an impotent rage, my partner and I wrote, shot and directed a satirical infomercial called Silver Hands. I am inordinately proud of this. 
*Big Indian festival—like Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one.

Fellow Festival Hater: Upaasna Rajaram

Fun Shit #5

The homeless are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the city. So we went across Mumbai, collected sounds, and remixed them into lullabies. We let people buy the tracks and fall asleep to the song. All proceeds would be donated to a homeless charity. 

Sleepless Souls: Pritika Mathur, Masumi Shah, Paloma Rod Rom