Here we see a Joseph Thomas in his natural environment.

Here we see a Joseph Thomas in his natural environment.


Encounters with a Joseph

A Joseph Thomas is a subset of the species known as Malayalis. While most start their life in Kerala, South India, they have been known to migrate to different parts of the globe.

If you chance upon a Joseph, remain calm. Engage in polite conversation and laugh at the occasional joke. This will soothe the Joseph and allow for a stimulating conversation. These talking points might helpβ€”urban cycling, novel novels, collecting Tintin comics and binging on podcasts. 

In the fourth grade I won an award for diligence. It's still my favourite one. 
These are nice, too:

AFAQS Foxglove Awards

Gold: Best Use Of Instagram
Gold : Best Innovation In Digital
Bronze - Viral Marketing Campaign
Shortlist - Viral Marketing Campaign
Shortlist - Media Innovation
ABBYS Goafest
Shortlist - Digital & Mobile - Best In Platform Innovation

The Webby Awards
Advertising, Media, & PR Mobile Campaigns
Silver Medallion: Use of Discipline
Silver Medallion: Use of Media - Social Media
Content Marketing Summit Asia
Best Use of Content to Commerce
Best Use of Technology in Content Marketing
Content Marketing Agency of the Year – Brave New World

D&AD New Blood

Wood Pencil - Arjowiggins
Wood Pencil - Squarespace
Wood Pencil - MUBI
New York Festival

One Show

Young Ones β€” Gold
Clio Key Art β€” Silver
Clio Sports β€” Bronze
New York Festival
New Talent β€” Gold
Mobius Advertising Award
Student Award β€” Best of Show



/2018 Brave New World, Bangalore, Creative Supervisor
/2018 Brave New World, Bangalore, Senior Copywriter
/2017 Brave New World, Bangalore, Copywriter
/2017 R/GA, New York, Internship
/2016 Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, Internship
/2016 TBWA, New York, Internship
/2015 Sideways, Mumbai, Copywriter
/2013-2015 Fisheye Creative Solutions, Bangalore, Junior Copywriter

/2015-2017 Miami Ad School, Mumbai, Copywriting;
/2010-2013 Christ University, Bangalore, Bachelors of Arts in Media, Psychology, Literature

/2011 Make A Difference, Bangalore, Volunteer English Teacher
/2011-2013 Tedhi Topi Theatre Troupe, Co-Founder, Scriptwriter
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